We are constantly learning and growing.  

The moment you think you are the finished article is the moment you start to wither and calcify.

  Possiblity, potential, and growth is what makes us human - and makes this journey so wonderful.

We help organisations expand the benefits of agile working outside of the software development environment.  

We recognise the shift that working-out-loud, collaboration, facilitative leadership, transparency, collective ownership and roles not jobs can bring.  We also recognise that it’s not a skill that we are taught at school, nor one that everyone is naturally comfortable with.

We can work with you and your organisation to make these practices more natural.  It’s partly about making the individual ‘match ready’ for this way of working, and equipping everyone with the experience and skill to work this way.

It’s also about giving the power back to the individual when it comes to setting and reaching goals outside of their job role.  By utilising peer-team mentoring, everyone can have an ongoing personal and professional development experience that is not limited by courses or technology.  

This is Deliberate Development.